Emorific Issue #2 Cover

Issue 2 Cover WPI’ve been working hard and have made some changes to issue #2. Don’t worry, It’s still about zombies, but it’s more of a setup to a story arch about them. A scene band, named The Necromancy, has learned how to make their fans into mindless slaves. They use garbled lyrics and a strange device that hooks right up to their amps. Emo Ninja’s invulnerable sorrow somehow makes him immune. Funny enough, expressing the core of his being is the only way he can stop the mindless horde.

Trying to think of a title so I can finish this cover!


8 thoughts on “Emorific Issue #2 Cover

  1. Thinking of titles is the worst… Especially when there’s a theme that you want to try and fit.

    Loving the cover, particularly the fact that Emo Ninja’s one visible eye is managing to convey a sense of him sighing and realising he has to do something when he really just wants to sit down and work on his poetry.

  2. Looks great! How are you distrubuting it? Digitally or in print? Cuz this looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the follow on PopCultureChaos btw! We should have you on the show sometime!

    • Thanks! I appreciate it! Distribution is what I am trying to figure out. I have been looking into Indy Planet and comic x press. Those places give the option of both digital and print I believe. Once I have the 2nd issue done I’m going to post up the 1st. I’d love to be on the show!

      • Awesome! I’ve been working on my own indy talent, but my artistic skills..well..they dont exist-and finding a reliable artist has been hard.

        I’ll keep in touch, and we’ll figure out a time to get you on the show my friend!

    • Great questions! I have finished one issue and am working on the second right now. I’m doing 24 pages per comic. I must say that I have lofty goals. I am just figuring out this whole comic book thing and so I am seeing what is realistic and what isn’t. Right now I have a good idea of what the first 6 comics will look like. Beyond that, I am not sure. Since Emo Ninja is a satire, it allows me to be episodic focusing mostly on one gag at a time but I do have some story arcs in mind as well. If you have specific questions on the step-by-step I use to make comics, maybe I can make a post on it.

      • Awesome stuff. I like satirical writing because of the different light a writer can shed on some topics.

        No worries on a step-by-step post! If it’s not in your schedule, don’t trouble yourself. I’ve always just enjoyed the process of making art from start to finish so there’s no specific part of your process I’m looking for, just the overall creative mindset that you get in when you’re creating something for an audience.

        Thanks for a great response!

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