Technology Woes


I’m so close to being done with issue 2 but my large format scanner broke and I need to find another one. Wah wah wah!


Emo Ninja Academia


emo ninja school

The inking stage of my second issue is almost complete! I just have to make a band poster (which has been difficult only because I have so many ideas) and add a little crosshatching. I am currently taking a graphic novel class so my production level has been pretty slow because I have to make a comic for that class too. It will all get done! It shall! In the meantime, enjoy this sketch of Emo Ninja in school.

Emorific Issue #2 Cover


Issue 2 Cover WPI’ve been working hard and have made some changes to issue #2. Don’t worry, It’s still about zombies, but it’s more of a setup to a story arch about them. A scene band, named The Necromancy, has learned how to make their fans into mindless slaves. They use garbled lyrics and a strange device that hooks right up to their amps. Emo Ninja’s invulnerable sorrow somehow makes him immune. Funny enough, expressing the core of his being is the only way he can stop the mindless horde.

Trying to think of a title so I can finish this cover!

Progress Report

emo ninja sketch new

One small iced coffee was enough to power me through an Emo Ninja drawing session. I have been working semi-diligently on the second issue entitled “ATTACK OF THE HIPSTER ZOMBIES!!!”. I have to ink 3 more pages, scan them, digitally clean them up, letter, and do some graphic design work. If that sounds like a lot…well, it is but I am over halfway through the process. That’s something to celebrate.

A Masochistic Love Story

prettiest medusa cover

There was one emo kid when I was in high school. Then in the 2000’s, It exploded into some sort of depressing revolution. What is emo: an emotional style of confessional music that stemmed from punk. I’m a pretty emotional guy, so I like a lot of emo music. I never wore all black or accented my eyes with liner but I found someone who could do it for me, Emo Ninja! And so my comic began…

Emo Ninja is a college age kid who is trying to make a career out of his awful poetry, missing rent on his filthy studio apartment, and is being hunted down by an elite assassin.

I am working on a comic book for our friend Emo Ninja. This is where I will present my progress. Enjoy.