Progress Report

emo ninja sketch new

One small iced coffee was enough to power me through an Emo Ninja drawing session. I have been working semi-diligently on the second issue entitled “ATTACK OF THE HIPSTER ZOMBIES!!!”. I have to ink 3 more pages, scan them, digitally clean them up, letter, and do some graphic design work. If that sounds like a lot…well, it is but I am over halfway through the process. That’s something to celebrate.


4 thoughts on “Progress Report

    • I’m glad! The original concept used to be Scene Zombies. I never really knew what Scene kids were but they had an interesting style. Hipster zombies just seem more appropriate now.

      • Aye, hipsters are everywhere these days. Although in a lot of cases it’s just people who like the clothing rather than real hipsters. My brother’s a perfect example of that, he dresses hipster but isn’t one at all. I used to be the same, I’d dress completely victorian gothic (still do sometimes), but don’t have the goth personality.

        Question about the Hipster zombies though. Do they only crave brains, or do they crave brains AND Pabst Blue Ribbon?

  1. Hahaha! Yes, they do need motivations beyond brains. Unfortunately, it’s more of a mind control thing. A Hipster Band uses its music to control the masses but maybe someday they could become real zombies.

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