Characters and Concepts

So you all have an idea of what to look forward to, I made a slideshow of the characters I plan to use within the comic. I have full story arcs for some of them but am still working on them for others. Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Characters and Concepts

  1. I definitely enjoyed this because these are great drawings for sure and you seem to have an endless imagination ! Thank you so much for following my blog, published in Marseille, France !

    • Thanks! Most of these are pretty rough sketches. I do digitally color and will be doing so for the covers of my comic. The comic itself will be black and white. maybe I’ll put some of my other art up someday.

      • Cool, thank you for the response. I’ve been thinking of getting a drawing tablet for a while. Do you have any recommendations?

      • It depends on how much you want to spend haha. If you are looking for something that is good yet affordable, the bamboo series from wacom is the way to go. If you can spend a couple hundred bucks the wacom intuos4 is a great choice.

  2. Very cool!! Stopped by to say thanks for following my blog, and I really enjoyed looking at your characters! I certainly can’t draw that well. … pfft. I can’t even draw a bicycle!!!

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